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Most Overlooked Maintenance Items

Oil changes and timing belt replacement are the superstars of the automotive maintenance “A” list, but what about those other items which are so often overlooked? All you have to do is take a look at the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and you will find a whole new world of maintenance items, many of which you may have never heard. […]

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Three Tools That Every Home Mechanic Must Have

So, you have decided to do your own automotive repair and maintenance work. Now you just need the right tools to do the job efficiently and safely. You can’t afford to buy all the tools that the pros use but there are some items that you simply must have.

Floor Jack
Whether you are doing a brake job or patching a tire, […]

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Keys to Proper Tire Maintenance

Buying a set of tires can be a major purchase on any budget. Over the last five years tire costs have climbed to exorbitant heights and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. With that said it stands to reason that you want to conserve your tires and safely get every mile that you can from them. Here […]

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Three Signs That Your Timing Belt May Need Replacement

If you own a vehicle with a timing belt and an interference engine, you certainly need to be concerned about timing belt replacement. An interference engine is one in which the pistons and valves occupy the same space during different moments in time. If the timing belt breaks or the teeth are sheared off, one or more valves may contact […]

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Money Saving Oil Change Tips

Is the ever rising cost of vehicle maintenance weighing heavily on your check book? Here are some simple methods of curbing the high cost of keeping your ride running at its best by changing the engine oil at regular intervals.

Drip, drip, drip
This tip is aimed at do-it-yourselfers. It might seem like a silly tip to keep oil change costs down […]

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Get Covered By An Extended Auto Warranty

Just how important it is for you to invest in an extended warranty? Being the second priciest investment (your home being the first), it is really important to get a vehicle service contract (VSC) for your automobile. Doing so gives you the confidence and peace of mind every time you hit the road. As you know, owning an automobile can […]

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Extended Car Warranty for Student Drivers

Many students drive cars to school. It’s not just a convenient way to catch classes in separate buildings that are miles apart, but may also be a cheaper alternative for students who don’t live in university dormitories. After all, even though living with mom and dad means driving more than an hour a day, this arrangement can surely help defray […]

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Being Out of Warranty Could Mean Being Out of Luck

Consumers who have a major repair just after the expiration of their factory car warranty may think that the manufacturer will “help them out” by paying for the repair. That may have happened in the past, but those days are over.

Caleb Belli always drove the same make vehicle. He did not believe that customer loyalty should be a thing of the […]

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Extended Warranties for Automobiles Guard Against High Labor Rates

In many cases, the majority of the expense of a vehicle repair is not the broken part, but the labor cost to fix or replace the part. Repair shops’ labor rates have soared over the last decade, to nearly $100 per hour nationwide. A good car warranty helps drivers contain the rising costs of vehicle operation and repair.

The average labor […]

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The Hidden Cost of Dealership Car Warranties

Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to pay cash for your cars, you probably finance. Depending on the lender and your credit score, interest rates for vehicle loans range from 6% all the way to 20% (more in some states). Many buyers opt for a car warranty during the purchase process through a dealership, because it only raises […]

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Extended Car Warranty Saves the Day for Daily Drivers

About 8 million Americans spend an hour driving to work each day. These motorists feel not only every swing in gas prices but the fact that every mile they drive brings them closer to the usual 36,000-mile warranty limit. Motorists are better off buying an extended car warranty, which could continue the coverage on car parts after manufacturers relinquish their […]

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