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AA Auto Protection is a Vehicle Service Contract broker committed to helping our customers secure the highest level of coverage within their budget. AA Auto Protection was established in 2003 and is one of the few companies to have dealt directly with consumers online for more than a decade.

Why AA Auto Protection Was FormedOffice Building

After decades of experience in the Vehicle Service Contract industry, the founding members of AA Auto Protection realized there was a significant lack of convenience provided to consumers. At the time, there were two main ways of obtaining service contracts for car owners: 1) highly expensive contracts through car dealers, or 2) cheap, nameless and uninsured policies through telemarketing companies.

In the highly competitive market, many providers sold products that were cheap but without any guarantee. Customers fell for these extremely low-priced contracts only to realize later that the provider had closed its doors, leaving the customers with zero coverage. For a long period of time, it was either too costly, or too risky for the average vehicle owner to buy Auto Service Contracts.

Having experience in the industry and the knowledge of how to provide value, as well as insurance and guarantee, the founders initiated AA Auto Protection as a new option for protection and peace-of-mind to car owners. Being an insured company, we removed the risk of leaving you to pay the claims, therefore deliver a safe, protected solution to Vehicle Service Contracts.

Today, AA Auto Protection successfully provides solutions to thousands of customers across the United States. People are given various contract options from the leading Vehicle Service Contract providers in the nation at reasonable prices. Best of all, these are contracts are insured and guaranteed to last for the life of the policy.

Our Mission

AA Auto Protection’s mission is to protect its customers with a Vehicle Service Contract buying experience that ensures their car’s coverage at the time of need, their money’s protection via high-quality contract options, and their contract’s protection by being backed up by AM Best insurance companies.

We Are AA Auto Protection…

As a safe and reliable broker agency for obtaining a Vehicle Service Contract for your vehicle, we are:


All products that we offer are backed by AM Best insurance companies. This way, your contract has added protection in the unlikely event of an administrator going out of business, you won’t be left without coverage. We don’t promise the cheapest contracts, as insured contracts cost more than uninsured ones — but we do promise value for money and the best prices of insured contracts.

High Quality

We promise to you high quality plans along with high quality service. We diligently work to research the best providers in the nation and then select the best insured Vehicle Service Contracts to make available to our customers. All the options available here at AA Auto Protection are guaranteed to offer value and worth to you so you can relax and find a plan that meets your car’s needs without worrying about the quality of the contract.

A Comprehensive Agency

AA Auto Protection is a comprehensive agency, in that it provides a wide variety of plans and products for you to choose from. We believe every car has its own needs, and limiting those needs to just a few choices of contracts doesn’t deliver efficiency to car owners. This is why, while we focus on bringing only high quality contracts, we also provide a wide spectrum of plans since everyone’s situation is different. We have Full Coverage Plans, Premium Stated Component Plans, Stated Component Plans, Powertrain Plans, and more.

Best Priced Agency

When it comes to insured plans from top providers in the nation, you won’t find better prices anywhere else! We make sure that whatever price you pay for a Vehicle Service Contract is a price that equals full value. We know that there are cheaper plans available in the market but they don’t promise safety like we do – additionally, we guarantee that you will never have to pay the claims!


AA Auto Protection is an agency managed by members that are experienced in the Vehicle Service Contract. We know what the market sells, we understand what consumers are in search for and we utilize our expertise in our research of finding the best plans from the best providers. We been in business for more than 12 years and continuously look for new ways to improve and enhance our service for our clients.

Committed to Customers

Customer SupportAA Auto Protection has always been committed to customer satisfaction. Just recently we updated our management team to put more emphasis on customer protection, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Dedicated to making sure you have a seamless and enjoyable experience with us, we are eager to serve your service contract needs in every way possible.

Work by Valuable Work Ethos

Our company is based on valuable work ethos that have made us a trustworthy agency from the start. Our staff are dedicated to discipline, professionalism, research and knowledge based mindset, and enthusiasm to provide the best service possible. We are truly dedicated to leading our industry in every way possible.

Provide Easy Pay Advantage and Money Back Guarantee

We understand that the cost of insured extended service contracts can be a bit of a stretch for some vehicle owners. As a result, we have developed Easy Pay Advantage plans for our customers so the entire amount no longer needs to be paid in one lump sum. Now our customers can secure contracts with up payment plans of up to 24 months. Additionally, our plans come with a money back guarantee for 30 days after the purchase date of the contract. Simply put, we will refund your money if you haven’t made a claim and request a refund in writing within the first 30 days.

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We offer a quick quote option to help you get a FREE quote whenever you please. This is a no obligation quote with no sales pressure. You will find the best of prices in the market with your obtained quote – that’s a promise.

For more information on AA Auto Protection’s plans and service or for expert assistance regarding questions or concerns, we are here to help. Contact us today.

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