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Auto Warranty News

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Auto Warranty – What Can Void This Contract?

When you purchase a new vehicle, you get certain warranties and guarantees from the manufacturer. These guarantees will cover most of the components of your car but under certain terms and conditions. The same framework holds good even for an auto warranty that you may purchase from a third party provider. It is therefore useful for you to keep track

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Weekly Vehicle Inspection

If vehicle longevity and driving safety are high priorities on your “life list”, then you may want to consider creating and utilizing a weekly vehicle inspection check list. Each individual vehicle and vehicle owner may add their own specific items to the list, depending upon vehicle history and geographic location, but here are a few to get you started. Exterior

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Three Easy Ways to Unleash Your Engine’s Potential

What if you could free up a portion of your engine’s power that is currently being wasted? How about if you could free-up some horsepower and improve fuel efficiency at the same time? Here are several ways that you can accomplish this multi-task. Cold Air Intake Increase fuel atomization, optimize engine performance, and maximize fuel economy with a easy to

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Use Your Senses to Save Dollars

If you are depending upon the warning lamps on your dash to advise you when something has gone awry under the hood of your vehicle, then get ready to spend some major bucks on repairs. By using four of the five senses with which you were born, you can get in front of small malfunctions before they become a huge

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Automatic Transmission Transfusion

Servicing your automatic transmission is totally necessary for longevity and durability. If I told you about a process that had been scientifically proven to promote even greater transmission longevity and durability than a basic fluid and filter change, would you be interested? That’s what I thought. Not too long ago, when I was responsible for a fleet of over 200

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Pay a Little Now – Save a Bundle Later

If you are a little “long in the tooth”, as I am, then you may remember the old advertising catch phrase “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.” This theory has never rang truer than when it is used in reference to vehicle maintenance. By spending a little money on regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, you may

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  • Oil Change Maintenance

The Life Blood of Your Vehicle

From one end to the other, your vehicle requires various fluids to keep systems operating properly. With so many different types of contraptions and fluid types, how can you tell what fluid goes where? Let’s break it down: Engine Oil You will normally find the recommended engine oil type printed right on the oil filler cap of the engine. If

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The Nose Knows

Your olfactory resource could be one of the most valuable tools that you have for maintaining the mechanical integrity of your vehicle. Certain problems can be smelled long before they are detected visually. By the time an audible warning is exhibited, it’s often too late. Trust your instincts as they pertain to you and your automobile. After all, nobody spends

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Most Overlooked Maintenance Items

Oil changes and timing belt replacement are the superstars of the automotive maintenance “A” list, but what about those other items which are so often overlooked? All you have to do is take a look at the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and you will find a whole new world of maintenance items, many of which you may have never heard.

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Keys to Proper Tire Maintenance

Buying a set of tires can be a major purchase on any budget. Over the last five years tire costs have climbed to exorbitant heights and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. With that said it stands to reason that you want to conserve your tires and safely get every mile that you can from them. Here

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