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Can You Trust Extended Service Contract Reviews?

Consumer reviews are one of the ways to check up on insurance providers and extended service contract brokers, like AA Auto Protection, to ensure that the provider or broker is trustworthy. A lot of people use consumer reviews to guide them in their decision-making process – and not just for extended service contracts – for literally every product and service in the great U.S. of A.

We applaud that, especially considering we are reviewed extremely well (shameless plug). But this blog is not about us; it is about you and who to trust.

Because not all consumer reviews are trustworthy. Just take a look at this hilarious bar review:

Most people would agree that $2.50 is a high surcharge for a bottle of water that cost $0.50 wholesale. Even considering the location, you have to see this customer’s point. But the tirade does not stop there. He comes back a number of times to hammer in the injustice – and stupidity – of the bar’s pricing antics. Check this out.


Robert is still thinking about that bar 5 years later. Is his story still credible? Do you think he was really “forced” to buy the bottled water? Or did he hear or do something he has conveniently forgotten?

In the extended vehicle warranty industry, reviews can make or break companies. We have seen it happen since we set up our brokerage in 1986. Honestly, the reviews are real and justifiable sometimes, and sometimes they aren’t reasonable at all.

Ferret Out Fraudulent Reviews with BBB Ratings

One of the things to look for in a critical review is the date the insurance policy was opened. Some customers sign up vehicles with “pre-existing conditions,” thinking that the insurance provider should pay for the repairs. And they will either not drive the vehicle, or continue to drive a vehicle dangerously in need of repair/maintenance until the policy is in place. Then when the provider rejects the claim, the customer continues the lie by taking his complaint online.

Read more about pre-existing conditions on any of our Plans pages

That’s why we suggest looking at BBB Ratings. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) aggregates reviews and comes to reasonable, unbiased conclusions. They give a simple rating of F to A, and you don’t need to worry about reading through anything.

Or compare our extended service contracts. Like the BBB, we have no allegiance to any of the insurance providers or extended service contracts on our site. Our allegiance is to you, and we only choose the best plans to cover exactly what you need.

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  1. Rachel August 15, 2015 at 3:37 am - Reply

    My experience with many negative reviews are that they are very emotionally charged and therefore exaggerated. I’ve made this mistake myself… when you are the one losing money, even if you are the one being mistaken, your anger can get the hold out of you and nasty words and thoughts are the first ones to appear.

    Great point on always checking BBB Ratings. Will keep that in mind.

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