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Dealers Alliance Stated Plan

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The Dealers Alliance Stated Coverage Plan is excellent coverage for the major, high cost to repair components of your vehicle, including engine, transmission and drive train assembly.

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For the most accurate and up to date description of coverage, please view the actual contract here: Dealers Alliance Stated Contract  – Can’t read the page? Click here to install Adobe Reader


Engine: Cylinder Block and Cylinder Heads; all internal Lubricated Parts of the Engine; Turbocharger; Supercharger; Harmonic Balancer; Timing Gear; Timing Chain; Timing Belt; Timing Cover; Intake and Exhaust Manifolds; Valve Covers; Oil Pan; Engine Mounts; Belt Tensioner; Cam Gear Bolt; Harmonic Balancer Bolt; and Head Bolts.

Transmission: Transmission Case and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Transmission; Torque Converter; Flywheel/Flex Plate; Transmission Mounts; Transmission Cooler; Transmission Oil Pan; and Vacuum Modulator.

Transfer Case: Transfer Case and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Transfer Case.

Drive Axle: Drive Axle Housing and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Drive Axle; Drive Shafts; Universal Joints; Constant Velocity Joints; Locking Hubs; 4X4 Actuator; Center Support/Carrier Bearings; Differential Cover; Electronic Shift Control Unit.

AC/Heating (OEM or DEALER INSTALLED ONLY): Condenser; Compressor; Compressor Clutch; Evaporator; Compressor Pulley; Accumulator; Drier; Expansion Valve; Idler Pulley; Temperature Control Programmer; Heater Core; Blower Motor; High/Low Cut Off Switch; and Pressure Cycling Switch.

Suspension: Upper and Lower Control Arm Shafts; Bearings and Bushings; Wheel Bearings; Spindles; Ball Joints; King Pins and Bushings; Radius Arm and Bushings; Stabilizer Bar, Arm, and Bushings; Wheel Bearings; Torsion Bars; Hub Assembly; and Suspension Level Control Compressor.

Steering: Steering Gear Box/Rack and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Steering Gear Box/Rack; Power Steering Pump; Pitman Arm; Idler Arm; Tie Rod Ends; Drag Link; Steering Column Shaft and Column Couplings.

Cooling: Water Pump; Radiator; Cooling Fan; Cooling Fan Motor; Fan Clutch; and Coolant Recovery Tank.

Fuel System: Fuel Delivery Pump; Fuel Injection Pump; Fuel Injectors; Fuel Tank, Metal Fuel Lines; Fuel Pressure Regulator; Fuel Sending Unit; Fuel Gauge; Air Control Valve; Electronic Fuel Injection Computer/Module and Sensors.

Brakes: Master Cylinder; Power Brake Cylinder; Vacuum Assist Booster; Calipers; Wheel Cylinders; Compensating Valve; ABS Accumulator, Pump, Motor, Reservoir; Wheel Speed Sensors; Hydraulic Lines And Fittings; and Parking Brake Actuator.

Electrical: Alternator/Generator; Ignition Module; Ignition Switch; Headlight Switch; Turn Signal Switch; Horns; Distributor (does not include Cap and Rotor); Starter Motor; Starter Solenoid; Starter Drive; Windshield Wiper Motors; Windshield Wiper Delay Switch; Windshield Wiper Linkage; Windshield Washer Pump; Power Seat Motor; Power Antenna Motor; Power Window Motors and Regulators; Power Door Locks and Actuators; Power Trunk Release; Wiring Harness; Cruise Control Assembly; Ignition Lock Cylinder; Manually Operated Switches; Convertible Top Motor; Driver Information Gauges/Indicators; Original Factory Installed Radio, Main Speaker System, and Single Compact Disk/Cassette Player (up to a maximum aggregate of $300 of repair or replacement cost per Contract term, unless You paid for the Luxury Electronics Package as indicated on the first page of this Contract).

Seals and Gaskets: Leaking seals and gaskets on any Covered Components listed in this section will be covered. Minor loss of fluid or seepage is considered normal and is not considered a Mechanical Breakdown.

Hybrid Components: Hybrid Transaxle, Electronic Transmission, Inverter, Generator(s), and Electronic Display Monitor.

Tires: Coverage afforded under this Service Contract applies ONLY to the D.O.T. approved and manufacturer-specified tires on Your Vehicle at the time of delivery. In the event of a Covered Tire Repair, any D.O.T. approved or manufacturer-specified replacement will also be covered for the remainder of Your term. In the event of a Covered Tire Repair, the following stipulations apply:

1. Tire Repairs: The Administrator will reimburse You up to $20 (per tire per single visit) of the Cost to repair Your tire.

2. Tire Replacement: The Administrator will reimburse You up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) toward the Cost for each tire replacement per single visit, up to a maximum aggregate per Contract term of four hundred dollars ($400.00). You must have more than 3/32” tread depth remaining to be eligible for reimbursement.


Luxury Electronics: If You paid for the Luxury Electronics Package option as indicated on the first page of this Contract, the following OEM parts are covered: Radio/GPS/Navigation Components, Integrated Radio/GPS, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screens, DVD Players, Rearview Back-up Camera and Sensors, Voice Activation Systems, Standalone Seat Heaters (not integrated in upholstery), Sunroof and Convertible Top Motors. Coverage is limited to either one replacement or one repair per component for the term of the Contract. The Luxury Electronics Package applies only to Failures of the “base unit” and does not cover any remote controls, handheld controls, wiring, game cartridges, headphones, DVDs, MP3 players, programming, or any other non-listed parts. Aftermarket components are specifically excluded from coverage. Additionally, purchasing this option will remove the limit of $300 for repairs to the original factory installed radio, main speaker system, and single compact disk/cassette player, as listed in the “LIMITS OF LIABILITY” section. All other stipulations in the “LIMITS OF LIABILITY” section will still apply.

Emissions Package:: If You paid for the Emissions Package option as indicated on the first page of this Contract, the following parts will be covered: Air Fuel Ratio Sensor/Oxygen Sensor, Air Pump, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Canister Purge Solenoid, EVAP Purge Canister, EVAP Leak Detection Pump And Valve, EVAP Vent Valve, Deceleration Valve, EGR Valve, EGR Solenoid, EGR Check Valve, DPFE Sensor, EGR Controller, EGR Diverter Valve, EGR Relay, Purge Valve, EGR Position Sensor, EGR Lines, EGR EFE Thermal Vacuum Switch, EGR/EFE Valve, Engine Oil Fill Cap, Fuel Fill Cap, Fuel Fill Neck Restrictor, Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor, Fuel Tank Vent Valve, Fuel Temperature Sensor, Idle Air Control Valve, Intake Air Resonator, Intake Air Temperature Sensor, MAP Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor, PCV Sensor, Air Injection Control Valve, Air Injection Check Valve, Air Injection Pump, Air Injection Relay.

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A vehicle service contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “extended warranty,” but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair and what is not. AA Auto Protection is a marketer of VSCs and does not sell warranties. VSCs sold by AA Auto Protection are agreements between consumers and third party VSC providers, not AA Auto Protection.

Pre-existing Condition Disclosure:

A vehicle service contract (extended vehicle warranty) is not intended to repair problems that a vehicle may be currently experiencing. A problem with a vehicle that exists prior to the contract’s activation is termed a “pre-existing condition”, and will not be approved by service contract companies. The determination of a problem as being pre-existing is made by the repair facility or by the service contract company. An extended service contract should not be obtained for the purpose of paying for the repair of an existing vehicle problem. Claims made within 90 days of enrollment are especially subject to review to ensure that they are not pre-existing conditions. is a licensed broker of extended auto service contracts and represents the major direct insured service contract companies. We negotiate the best price and coverage for you with the actual service contract provider. You are actually purchasing your service contract directly from the service contract company. does not process or pay for any claims. These matters are handled by your service contract company. You are actually purchasing the service contract directly from the service contract provider you’ve selected and any claims should be directed to their claims department. Please keep the service contract company claims phone number provided in your vehicle in the event you need to have repairs done.

By purchasing a service contract through, no contract is made between you, the purchaser and does not agree to and is not liable for payment of any claims and is not liable or responsible for the actions or business operations of any warranty company.

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