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Different Kinds of Truck Warranties

Truck-WarrantiesWhen a person buys a new or used pickup truck or SUV there is generally some kind of a warranty associated with it. Though, many people do not actually understand how that particular truck warranty works. It is advisable to read every warranty carefully before buying in order to confirm that you know precisely what is covered under it. Then you will not be in a fix when a costly auto repair or replacement bill is handed over to you.

Types of Truck Warranties:

New Truck Warranty: A new automobile warranty has two main parts. These are the powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties. The powertrain warranty includes coverage for the engine and transmission parts. Bumper to bumper covers up the chief parts of the truck with the exclusion of wear and tear experienced on the tires and brakes of the vehicle.

Basic Warranty: The basic auto warranty is offered by the company. It covers approximately all the parts of the truck excluding wear and tear and a few other replacements like brake pads, oil, batteries, tires, and so on.

Drive Train Warranty: This warranty comes into play when the time period of the basic warranty is over. It offers coverage to the internal parts like piston and piston bearings, engine, transmission, drive shaft and drive axle.

Extended Truck Warranty:  This is an alternative that can be attained after paying an additional amount of money. The majority of truck producers do not present this option, so you may be required to go to a car warranty dealer. It expands the warranties that have come to an end.

Rust and Corrosion Warranty: This truck warranty will be exceptionally valuable if your job involves the chances of water collecting in the truck bed and causing damage to your vehicle.

Extended Mileage Warranty: A handful of manufacturers provide this type of coverage. Therefore, to acquire this cover you would have to find an particular provider.

Wear and Tear Truck Warranty: This coverage can only be acquired from a car warranty trader and is costly.

Along with a regular warranty on brand new trucks there is also an extended car warranty made available at an additional cost. Roadside assistance coverage is a good add up, though your regular insurance firm might cover this issue. If this facility is listed on an extended car warranty it will offer support for 24 X 7 throughout the year together with a toll free number to call on and no beyond pocket expenses. All types of car warranties have their own unique terms and conditions.

The chief truck warranty that a driver should be worried about is the fundamental strength and reliability of the original parts of the automobile. If these are strong, an automobile can run for several years with appropriate maintenance and very little problems, other than changing batteries, tires, etc.
It is very important to have the right type of warranty to stay away from an expensive and long halt.

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