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Don’t Be Bullied By High-pressure Auto Warranty Offers

PressureWe’ve all been there. It’s about 1:30 a.m., and for some reason you’d rather stay awake watching mindless television than retreating to bed and getting enough sleep for a productive day. As the comedian Jerry Seinfeld noted, the muscle that changes the channel on the remote is the last to fall asleep each night.

And right as you’re about to doze off, a loud voice booms from your television, excitedly telling you how a knife, kitchen appliance or newfangled coat hanger will change your life.

And then there’s the deal-breaker: “Call in the next 15 minutes and shipping and handling is free!” You might hear, “This deal is only good for today, so get on the phone now and call!”

Annoyed and unconvinced, it’s time to flick off the TV and crawl into bed. High-pressure tactics like these are about the one thing that can make even the most unrelenting channel surfer finally put down the remote and get some rest.

While these schemes have become an almost mandatory motif of the late-night infomercial, high-pressure techniques are not limited to one business sector.

In fact, as anyone who has been shopping for auto warranties knows, there are a host of companies out there that will attempt to entice you as a customer by pitching insistent, time-sensitive deals designed to manipulate the impulsive consumers among us.

Part of the aversion to these statements is that they are so clearly designed to goad you into making a quick decision on a purchase that may require thoughtful reflection.

Another cause for finding these tactics questionable is that it becomes difficult to trust a car warrantee broker who seems more intent on compelling you to make a purchase than to help you through the process.

Finally, tactics designed to rush your decision can make you feel like you have a lack of choices when it comes to your purchase.

Find a proper auto warranty consultant

A proper car warranty broker or consultant will try to talk you through your purchase while giving you access to as many options as is reasonably possible.

Reputable brokers such as have emerged within the industry, giving consumers more choices and freedom in their auto warranty purchases.

Before the use of these brokers, shoppers basically had the option to pay the high price for warranties offered at a car dealership, or to trust a potentially specious policy offered by a telemarketer.

Rather than being pigeonholed into these inflexible offers or being pressured into a time-sensitive deal, offers more than 75 warranty options, of varying terms, prices and providers for which the average car qualifies.

By giving in to a timely deal that seems too good to pass up in the moment, you may wind up with a protection plan that does not truly reflect your needs and wants as a car owner.

In addition, you’ll have access to a network of auto warranty companies of an upstanding reputation, ensuring that you can trust the offers and advice that you receive.

You’d never consider purchasing vehicle warranties from a 1:30 a.m. infomercial, so maybe it’s time to commit to low-pressure, reputable companies that will take the time to explain your options.

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