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Electric Vehicles Demand Extended Warranties

Electric-CarsWith two major automotive companies set to release plug-in hybrid vehicles by the end of the year, extended warranties become more important than ever for protecting your vehicle.

The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are both due to be available late this year. While cars like these are good for the environment, their engine is more complex than a standard piston-powered car. In addition, their rarity makes replacement parts quite expensive.

Dealers provide standard powertrain warranties on new vehicles. Yet this warranty only covers the engine, transmission, and related parts. A bumper-to-bumper warranty plan can cover the rest of a vehicle in case of a costly breakdown.

An extended warranty becomes especially important when purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle on the used market. Because these cars have only been around for a few years, their durability is relatively untested. An extended warranty protects the vehicle in the case of breakdown.

Going green can be expensive, even with government-approved tax credits. Environmentally-conscious drivers shouldn’t have to pay a lot of green to keep the environment that way.

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