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Extended Warranty Owners Avoid False Craigslist Claims

Online-ShoppingCraigslist and similar websites have become one-stop shopping for many Americans who wish to buy or sell goods. It’s no surprise that it’s become a haven for used car sales on the Internet as well.

But buyers should beware of the claims made by some Craigslist sellers. The Associated Press recently investigated some claims made by car sellers on Craigslist and found some dubious sales points.

One seller was buying cars at auctions from rent-a-car companies and passing them off as his own, with no knowledge of the car’s maintenance history. Another car was found to have been repainted and damage from a previous wreck was hidden.

In an uncertain used car market like this, a bumper-to-bumper warranty plan becomes more important than ever. Even a savvy consumer may miss a few maintenance problems by buying secondhand cars like this. But when you deal with a trusted company like AA Auto Protection, you’ll know exactly what parts of your car are covered if it later breaks down.

And although you may get a great deal on a higher-mileage used vehicle, you also run the risk of a total breakdown. Smart shoppers will protect their investment with a used car warranty.

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