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Florida’s CFO Recommends Extended Auto Warranties

FloridaAlex Sink, the chief financial officer of the state of Florida, has recommended the purchase of an extended car warranty after reviewing the matter on her website.

Sink said that warranties “can be a great way to provide continuing protection when purchasing valuable assets.

As CFO of the state, Sink is responsible for the state’s finances and provides consumer advice on her website.

Sink also provided tips on the website for those in the market for an extended warranty, including understanding the coverage you purchase and keeping your materials together in case of a claim.

But the most important factor in considering the purchase of an auto warranty is working with a reputed, trusted company, like AA Auto Protection. The many benefits of a warranty can be erased if the company backing the warranty is simply trying to scam you.

If you are interested in taking Sink’s advice, AA Auto Protection can provide a coverage plan that is both affordable and trustworthy.

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