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Full Coverage Service Contracts

Full Coverage Service Contracts2019-02-20T14:05:36-04:00

Full Coverage Service ContractsMirrors the Manufacturers Full Coverage Plan

These plans are the most comprehensive coverage in the industry and are designed to extend the original manufacturer’s coverage that came with your vehicle.

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Full Coverage service contracts are also known as a new car service contract, a wrap program, or an exclusionary policy, and is the most comprehensive coverage you can buy. These vehicle service contract policies cover so many parts and components that the policy will only list the items that are not covered.

The majority of full coverage service contracts will also include or offer as options added benefits and coverages such as towing, 24/7 roadside assistance, car rental and travel interruption reimbursement, wear and tear, seals and gaskets, and hi-tech electronic equipment coverage.

Even though these policies are called full coverage, they do not cover every single component on your vehicle. Make sure you read the policy to see exactly what is not covered. A full coverage service contract is the most extensive coverage you can buy.

Wear and Tear Coverage Options:

Wear and Tear coverage means that parts do not have to break for you to be covered. Should a part or component wear out prematurely it is covered. Wear is defined as “can no longer perform the function for which it was designed solely because of its condition”.

When the part or component has worn beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances allowed for a particular vehicle at the mileage when the problem occurs the part or component is covered.

Parts that are considered “normal maintenance” parts are not covered under a Wear and Tear option. These would be items like brake pads, shoes, drums or rotors, and manual clutches.

Please review each plan in detail for exact coverages:

Full Coverage Service Contracts 

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