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Hertz and Kelley Blue Book to Offer Online Used Car Sales

Shop Online For CarThe rental car company Hertz has announced it will team with Kelley Blue Book to provide online used car sales through its Rent2Buy brand.

As used cars become more popular online, it becomes more important to consider purchasing a used car warranty. Since it is impossible to test drive a used car online, it pays to be safe and purchase a warranty for any car purchased over the internet.

According to a report by J.D. Power and Associates, car buyers went online just as often as they went to dealer lots when they were in the market for a new vehicle. This led to a purchase 31 percent of the time.

Hertz’s Rent2Buy site will now provide Blue Book values on all of its cars. The vehicle stock is derived from Hertz’s fleet of rental vehicles.

When a rental vehicle is taken off the road, Hertz offers it on the Rent2Buy site at a discount. Hertz hopes that by providing their price side-by-side they will entice buyers with a cheaper offer.

Used cars are already prone to breakdown because of the mileage on them. Those taken off the road by Hertz may be cheaper, but will have many miles on them from years of use.

In this case, the purchase of a used car warranty becomes a near-necessity for prospective buyers.

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