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It’s Never Too Early to Get a Car Warranty

Car-TroubleLamar Colasurdo got his dream car, a 2009 Nissan 350Z roadster. Being only gently used, but still not new, it was a relative steal. At 37,300 miles, it was only just out of the factory warranty period. That being the case, Colasurdo declined to get an extended warranty. After all, what could go wrong at such low mileage? A lot, as he found out.

Eight months after getting his car, and at only 44,700 miles, there was a serious transmission issue. A $2300 transmission issue. With car payments, student loans, rent, and other living expenses, Colasurdo had to use a high-interest credit card to pay for the repairs. “After paying the bill, I saw my friend who told me when I got the car to take a look into an auto warranty. I told him maybe later, since probably nothing’s going to happen with the car, I mean, the factory car warranty just finished. I guess he was right,” said Colasurdo.

Expensive repairs can happen at any time, whether the car is a few years old to a decade old, 15,000 miles to 150,000 miles. Drivers can help secure themselves against the unpredictability of failures, and their tremendous and growing expense, by purchasing an extended warranty for their automobile. A comprehensive extended warranty will pay the cost of the covered repair, with either nothing or a small deductible out-of-pocket.

Companies like AA Auto Protection specialize in offering a wide range of car warranties that will meet both the mechanical and financial needs of drivers who want to protect themselves from the surprise expense of a breakdown. Lamar Colasurdo said that his friend “tried not to tell me ‘I told you so’, but he actually did.”

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