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Kinds Of Coverage In Car Warranties

Satisfied-CustomersThere are two aspects that you must pay attention to when it comes to choosing the right kind of car warranty:
• What is covered
• What is not covered.

Indeed, even when a plan is a Comprehensive Coverage plan, there will be certain exceptions. These exceptions can take on many different forms:
• A regular plan may not cover anti-lock braking system and its components
• A ‘wear and tear’ warranty will be needed to cover components such as brake shoes that will become defective because of constant use
• Parts that break down may be covered only under a ‘breakdown’ warranty and so on.

It is therefore extremely helpful for you to find out exactly what gets covered in various kinds of car warranties, including the one that you have chosen for yourself.

A basic or regular warranty
In most cases, such a basic or regular warranty will cover almost every component of your car. Of course the exception would be the components or parts that go through a lot of wear and tear. For instance, the oil filters of your car or the tires of your car may not be covered under such a coverage plan. It is also an extremely good idea for you to find out from the warranty provider about the specific components that get exempted from such a coverage plan.

Towing services and roadside assistance
This coverage in your car warranty will be extremely useful when you find yourself stranded because:
• Your car has broken down
• You have run out of fuel and or even because
• You have locked yourself out of the car.

Roadside assistance can see the delivery of fuel to your location. You can also request for towing services which will allow you and your car to be towed to the nearest repair facility. Or help on the spot in terms of changing a flat tire will also be covered under a few warranty plans.

Therefore, it is an extremely good idea for you to find out exactly what is covered in your car warranty plan and visiting websites like AA Auto Warranty will help you.

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