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Most Overlooked Maintenance Items

Car-Repair-ShopOil changes and timing belt replacement are the superstars of the automotive maintenance “A” list, but what about those other items which are so often overlooked? All you have to do is take a look at the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and you will find a whole new world of maintenance items, many of which you may have never heard. Here are just a few:

Brake Fluid
Many vehicle owners don’t even realize that brake fluid does not last forever. If your brake or clutch master cylinder reservoir looks black and dingy, chances are that your fluid has outlived its prime. Black deposits in the fluid are created by the moisture which develops from condensation. This moisture can boil if brake fluid temperatures become excessive. This may cause your brakes to fail. Brake fluid should be changed every 100,000 miles.

Automatic Transmission Fluid
One of the most costly repairs that a vehicle owner can incur is automatic transmission replacement. Many late model vehicles don’t even use a transmission dipstick; making it even easier to ignore servicing the transmission. Draining the transmission and replacing the filter is an acceptable service procedure but flushing the transmission to replace every drop of old fluid is best. Unless the transmission requires synthetic fluid, the recommended service interval is 30,000 miles.

Differential Lubricant
Differentials are most common on rear-wheel drive vehicles but some front-wheel drive vehicles have them as well. Check your owner’s manual or service manual to see if your front-wheel drive vehicle is equipped with a differential. Differential service involves a simple drain and fill, with the proper fluid. The service interval is 30,000 miles unless the unit uses synthetic fluid.

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