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Pay a Little Now – Save a Bundle Later

Auto-RepairsIf you are a little “long in the tooth”, as I am, then you may remember the old advertising catch phrase “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.” This theory has never rang truer than when it is used in reference to vehicle maintenance. By spending a little money on regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, you may be able to avoid coming out of pocket for a major component failure.

Regular Oil Changes
If you have ever replaced or rebuilt an engine that has been neglected with regards to maintenance oil changes, then you know what a mess it can be. Engines that are allowed to deteriorate until a connecting rod comes through the engine block, or until the crankshaft seizes, are far more difficult to replace than engines that wear out due to extensive mileage. Because of the added difficulty involved, labor costs may soar and collateral damage can result in the expense of additional replacement parts.

Scheduled Automatic Transmission Service/Flush
The most common cause of automatic transmission failure is directly related to fluid loss and contamination. With that in mind, you would have to be crazy not to service or flush yours at scheduled intervals. By allowing the transmission to reach normal operating temperature and then draining/flushing the old fluid out and replacing the filter, you remove much of the metal particles and moisture that have accumulated with mileage. You can actually add hundreds-of-thousands-of-miles to the life of your transmission.

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