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AA Auto Protection Announces Special Savings on Full Coverage Car Warranties

AA Auto Protection Announces Special Savings on Full Coverage Car Warranties2017-10-26T12:13:38-04:00

AA Auto Protection, a leading broker of extended warranties for automobiles, today began offering up to 30% savings available for new enrollments in exclusionary, or full coverage, agreements. The savings is scheduled to end July 31, 2010.




AA Auto Protection President Brett Hitchcock announced today that, for the remainder of the month, new customers to AA Auto Protection would be eligible for an up to 30% savings for enrolling in an exclusionary extended vehicle warranty. An exclusionary warranty is one which lists only the parts which are excluded from coverage, rather than lists what the plan does cover. Exclusionary plans, also referred to as “full coverage,” are the most comprehensive plans available.

Hitchcock explained, “It’s in our customers’ best interest to get the best coverage available. But full coverage plans are also the most expensive, especially in this economic environment. We want to help make the best plans affordable for everyone.”

Warranties on new vehicles, from the factory, are exclusionary. Exclusionary car warranties are, however, available from other companies aside from the dealer. Full coverage plans exclude the categories of routine maintenance, cosmetics, and so-called consumables, such as brake pads.

Hitchcock said that, with the 30% savings, a new customer is likely to obtain a plan for an average of $475 less than the list price, but can be more Pricing and availability of full coverage plans varies. “For most cars under 5 years old and under 50,000 miles, and in most states, exclusionary plans are available. They cost more, but they’re worth it,” said Hitchcock.

The savings program is available only for new customers, and begins Monday, July 19, 2010, and extends until Saturday, July 31, 2010.

About AA Auto Protection:
Founded in 2002, AA Auto Protection was one of the first brokers of extended warranties for automobiles, or vehicle service agreements. AA Auto Protection is committed to providing its clients with the best plans, at an affordable cost. AA Auto Protection is a national company with offices in four states, headquartered in New Jersey. For more information visit