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AA Auto Protection Now Offering Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in California

AA Auto Protection Now Offering Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in California2017-10-26T12:24:47-04:00

AA Auto Protection, a leading broker of vehicle service contracts, announced today that it is now a licensed seller of Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) in California. AA Auto Protection is one of the only fully licensed an authorized providers of MBI to operate in the nation’s largest state.




AA Auto Protection CEO Daniel Rorapaugh announced today that, after a rigorous licensing process, AA Auto Protection is now fully licensed and insured to offer MBI to the residents of California. “This gives the people of California a lot of new options for protecting their vehicles,” said Rorapaugh. “There really are no other brokers that I know of who offer the type of plans to California residents that we do. Now they finally get a choice.”

AA Auto Protection is a broker of vehicle service agreements, commonly called “extended warranties” or “auto warranties.” AA Auto Protection represents multiple administrators of vehicle service contracts, and consults with consumers about the choices available. Until now, however, it was not permitted to offer such plans in California, because the legal guidelines are different. After meeting the California Department of Insurance’s regulations, AA Auto Protection was issued a license allowing it to offer its MBI plans to California citizens.

In California, selling MBI policies, AA Auto Protection is considered a licensed insurance company. “We take our new responsibilities very seriously,” said Dan Rorapaugh, CEO. He added, “When people go to an insurance company, there really looking for assurance that their best interests are understood, and that they’re getting something that they can count on. And they can count on these MBI plans. They are the best in the industry.”

Currently, six different MBI plans are available to California residents, which represent the wide range of coverage options available. The “full coverage” plan includes all vehicle parts except a relative few listed in the agreement. On the other end of the coverage spectrum is a power train plan, which covers mainly the engine, transmission, and drive axle.

AA Auto Protection will continue to offer vehicle service contracts to citizens of the other 49 states, and its new California licensure does not affect current customers. “We’re glad to finally be able to do business in California with MBI plans, and we hope to help the residents of California benefit from all of their new MBI options,” said Rorapaugh.

About AA Auto Protection:
Founded in 2002, AA Auto Protection was one of the first brokers of extended warranties for automobiles, or vehicle service agreements. AA Auto Protection is committed to providing its clients with the best plans, at an affordable cost. AA Auto Protection is a national company with offices in six states, headquartered in New Jersey. For more information visit