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AA Auto Protection Taps James Fortino to be Customer Service Manager

AA Auto Protection Taps James Fortino to be Customer Service Manager2017-10-26T11:56:31-04:00

AA Auto Protection, the leading broker of extended warranties for automobiles, today named James Fortino to be manager of the Customer Service Department, who will assume his post on May 17, 2010. Fortino will be responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of clients who have enrolled in a car warranty through AA Auto Protection.




CEO of AA Auto Protection, Daniel Rorapaugh, announced today the appointment of James Fortino to head the company’s Customer Service Department. He is succeeding Troy Nelson, who has been appointed as Executive Assistant.

Prior to his appointment, Fortino had been the company’s Senior Sales Consultant. Fortino has a long career background in sales and customer service. In announcing the change, CEO Dan Rorapaugh said, “Jim has been a successful auto warranty consultant because he believes that the product we offer helps people. An extended warranty might be a piece of paper to some, but Jim knows it’s more than that; it’s about security and about peace of mind. Jim likes to help people, and that’s why he’s perfect for his new role.”

Fortino’s primary responsibility is to manage the company Customer Service Department, which is focused on assisting customers who have enrolled in an extended car warranty brokered by AA Auto Protection. Fortino admits being enthusiastic about his new role in the company: “I love challenges, and I love being able to lend a hand when people need it. That’s what this position’s about.” He added, “It’s no secret that the auto warranty industry is under attack, and rightly so, because of some companies out there. But I want to show people that there are still some good guys with the customer’s best interest at heart.”

As Senior Sales Consultant, Fortino was responsible for confirming clients’ orders, for assisting junior colleagues and for ensuring the compliance of all applicable legal guidelines by the sales force. In his new position, Fortino will be overseeing representatives who work directly with current clients. Fortino intends, however, to be just as involved on the ground level. “I never want to lose contact with our clients. I love talking with them, answering their questions and letting them know how much we appreciate their business. I mean, without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Founded in 2002, AA Auto Protection was one of the first brokers of extended warranties for automobiles or vehicle service agreements and is committed to providing its clients with the best plans, at an affordable cost. AA Auto Protection is a national company with offices in four states, headquartered in New Jersey. For more information visit