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AA Auto Protection Taps Matthew Mears as Manager of Customer Satisfaction

AA Auto Protection Taps Matthew Mears as Manager of Customer Satisfaction2017-10-26T12:18:00-04:00

AA Auto Protection, the leading broker of extended warranties for automobiles, today named Matthew Mears to be Senior Manager of Customer Satisfaction, who will assume his post on October 11, 2010. Mears will be responsible for ensuring the continued satisfaction of clients who have enrolled in a car warranty through AA Auto Protection.




CEO of AA Auto Protection, Daniel J Rorapaugh, announced today the appointment of Matthew Mears to spearhead the company’s efforts to maintain continued customer satisfaction post-enrollment.

Prior to his appointment, Mears had been a senior sales consultant, with one of the highest CSI (customer satisfaction index) scores in the company. Mears brings to the position more than a decade of sales, auto repair service, and customer service experience. In announcing the appointment, CEO Daniel J Rorapaugh said, “Matt’s career experience makes him the ideal person for this role. He understands the products, understands car repairs, and understands that our success as a company depends on maintaining strong customer relationships. Some brokers see accepting payment as the end of their job with the customer. We see it as the beginning, and that’s what Matt will help to show our customers.”

Mears’ primary responsibility will be to implement the company’s Customer Satisfaction Initiative, which is focused on following-up with customers after enrollment, to ensure that questions are answered, problems are resolved, and communication remains open. Mears says that he welcomes the new opportunity: “I love working with people, which is why I’ve chosen to do it my entire career. AA Auto Protection really does care about its customers, which is something a lot of companies say but not a lot show. I plan to make sure that with us, it shows.”

As a senior sales consultant, Mears was responsible for confirming clients’ orders, for assisting junior colleagues, and for ensuring the compliance of all applicable legal guidelines by the sales force. In his new position, Mears will be speaking with enrolled customers, to answer questions, address concerns, adjust orders, gather information about customers’ sales experience, and to build on the existing relationship.

Mears says, “Whether it’s about warranty companies or any company, people are asking ‘Who can I trust?’ I don’t expect customers to just take our word for it and trust us that we care about their experience with us. That’s why we’re going to let our actions speak for themselves.”

About AA Auto Protection:
Founded in 2002, AA Auto Protection was one of the first brokers of extended warranties for automobiles, or vehicle service agreements. AA Auto Protection is committed to providing its clients with the best plans, at an affordable cost. AA Auto Protection is a national company with offices in six states, headquartered in New Jersey. For more information visit