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Why We Support Our Employees Through Work-from-Home Opportunities

Woman On Phone With ExpertIt’s no secret that technology has changed our lives, and continues to surprise us on an almost daily basis.

Possibly the biggest impact has been with how and where we work. Only in recent years have we had access to emails, smartphones, and cloud technology, which all have led to the possibility for people to efficiently work from home.

As more businesses embrace having a remote workforce, they understand how it benefits their company as well as their employees. In fact, a recent Gallup poll study states that at least 53% of employees say that a job that allows for work-life balance is very important to them when offered a new position. Another 51% stated that they would change jobs for one that offered them flextime.

Here we cover the main reasons why AA Auto Protection offers work-from-home opportunities as a way to support our staff’s overall happiness and well-being.

Flexible Schedule & More Time with Loved Ones

As stated above, most people want to have more of a work-life balance. In a world that almost forces us to constantly be on the go, having the ability to break away from that mode can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Some employees are responsible for the care of others, which can have a significant strain on a person’s time and availability. Whether it’s a young child or an elderly parent, being accessible to them at any given moment can prevent stress and worry over the person’s welfare. It can also reduce any costs that may be associated with someone else having to care for that individual.

A flexible schedule can also allow for attending important events in the employee’s life. A child may be acting in a school performance, participating in a sporting event, or have an important doctor’s appointment that requires the parent’s involvement.

Sometimes a person’s job responsibilities require them to be in an office for a certain amount of time during the day or week. With remote work options, they can adjust their schedule to avoid rush hour traffic by being home during those hectic travel times. Not only will they be more productive, but they won’t experience the stress of having to be in the office to accomplish tasks they can take care of from any location.

Reduced Stress & Career Longevity

Speaking of stress, an unexpected traffic delay can create frustrations to an employee that may last for the remainder of the day. The result is an employee who is unproductive and distracted from being unable to work at their normal level.

Employees who work from home where the weather can cause trouble will also benefit from not having to commute to the office. If a winter storm warning has been announced, they can avoid the stress and anxiety of having to drive on icy, dangerous roads and simply work from home.

People who work remotely also state that at home they have fewer distractions away from any office politics or general chit-chat. Employees still have ways to communicate with each other through email, instant messaging, and video conferencing to build and maintain a team environment.

Given the variety of ways working from home alleviates stress, employees experience a higher level of satisfaction and are less likely to seek work elsewhere.

Reduced Expenses & Impact on the Environment

While it may not seem to be a significant benefit, being able to reduce costs can lead to substantial savings over time for an employee. Depending on their position, they may not have to wear strict business attire at all times as they would if they worked in the office. This could not only reduce the need for expensive business clothes, but it could also eliminate dry cleaning expenses as well.

Working from home can also reduce costs that impact a person’s health. Instead of eating out or getting fast food on the go, an employee can eat and prepare more healthy meals at their convenience from home. With healthier eating also comes a healthier individual, which can also create a reduction in healthcare costs.

The more people who choose to work remotely, the more positive impact it will also have on the environment. People will spend less money on fuel with a reduced or eliminated commute, and that will also reduce emissions in addition to the overall carbon footprint.

The Future of Work from Home Opportunities

In a 2016 study performed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) shows that 60% of companies offer telecommuting opportunities, which is a threefold increase since 1996. According to CNN Money, the remote workforce is growing and expected to spread to more industries. We also believe that this trend will only continue as more businesses and employees experience the multitude of benefits to all parties involved.

At AA Auto Protection, we believe that happy employees lead to a happy business as well as to happy customers. We offer our staff the ability to work from home to help them achieve a work-life balance that leads to job productivity and longevity.

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