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Tap Into Truck Warranties

Commercial-TruckTap Into Truck Warranties and Best Maintenance Steps to Protect Business

If you are a business owner and you run a fleet of trucks, then you should know the value of owning tough and tested vehicles. Trucks are hardworking vehicles that can meet the demands of the business. Depending on the make and construction of the trucks, these can be used to transfer materials and equipments, or can be used to move employees and workers from one project site to the next. Another great thing about these trucks is that these trucks can navigate different road conditions. In short, these are valuable investments that can sustain the operations of the business and deliver results. With these things in mind, it pays to pay attention and extreme care to these trucks.

There are some truck parts that should be examined and maintained on a regular basis. These are the parts that will define the overall operations of the trucks and its reliability, so spend some time understanding what you can do with these parts.

Truck air filters – Air filters will ensure that dirt and the contaminants will be screened and will not enter the engine. Also, when these dirt and contaminants reach the inside of the engine then these can affect the truck’s fuel economy and overall performance. Dirty filters will also be the reason or the trucks to fail the emission tests. You don’t want these things to happen to your truck if your business depends on this. What you can do is to replace the dirty filters or cleaned on a regular basis, or based on the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Truck batteries – Batteries should get your attention even if these truck parts will feature the ‘maintenance free’ tag. If the trucks are not maintenance-free, it is recommended to unscrew the caps from time to time and check the level of electrolytes. If you have noticed that the water level is low, use distilled water to raise the level. Look out for corroded terminals. You can get the services of the professionals if you are not too sure with what you are doing.

Truck brakes – The braking capability of the truck is also important. Even though yu will not use the corporate truck for a spin in the highways or you will not use it in the circuit, still it pays to be ready and to be aware of the importance of the braking system. With a proper braking system, the truck can stop when needed thus you can avoid accidents and avoid expensive hospitalization and work stoppage.
Truck lights- Truck lights are also important in the conduct of the operations of the trucks in the project sites. If the trucks are powered by questionable lighting and bulbs, surely the truck’s driver and operator will have a hard time navigating the roads and driving the truck.

These are just some of the truck parts that should get your attention. There are other trucks parts that you need to consider, and other things that you need to do. For example, you also need to strongly consider like truck warranties. These are the warranties provided by third party providers like These warranties can make your life easier if the truck parts start to act up or even fail.

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  1. Richard Emery August 15, 2015 at 8:26 am - Reply

    Very helpful advice. My uncle’s a truck driver and these checks are done by him too. Thank you for always providing very good and clear information.

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