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The Nose Knows

Car-ProblemYour olfactory resource could be one of the most valuable tools that you have for maintaining the mechanical integrity of your vehicle. Certain problems can be smelled long before they are detected visually. By the time an audible warning is exhibited, it’s often too late. Trust your instincts as they pertain to you and your automobile. After all, nobody spends as much time with your “baby” as you do.

Coolant Leaks
Ah, the sweet stench of an antifreeze leak; not much smells sweeter to a mechanic working on commission. Fortunately you can use your own sense of smell to get ahead of a major engine repair, by getting the leak repaired before the engine overheats. Leaking heater cores emit the distinctively pungent odor of engine coolant right into the passenger compartment. When you smell it, go to your repair facility and have it checked before it gets worse. Water pump leaks, ruptured heater and radiator hoses, and cracked radiators can be detected with the nose before they lead to more expensive engine repairs. Use your sense of smell to detect leaks early and get them fixed.

Engine Oil Leaks
Without proper lubrication your engine wouldn’t last five minutes. Statistically, low oil level conditions are blamed for more engine failures than any other cause. Engine oil that leaks onto hot surfaces can yield a sickeningly strong smoky odor. When your nose tells you that such an odor exists, don’t ignore it. Get the oil leak repaired before a low oil level condition leaves you with a weighty repair bill.

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