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Use Your Senses to Save Dollars

car-repairsIf you are depending upon the warning lamps on your dash to advise you when something has gone awry under the hood of your vehicle, then get ready to spend some major bucks on repairs. By using four of the five senses with which you were born, you can get in front of small malfunctions before they become a huge catastrophe.

Pay attention to your vehicle. Each time that you approach your vehicle you should check out the tire inflation, the posture of the vehicle, and look to see if anything has leaked underneath. Trust your instincts and address pending issues as soon as possible to avoid costly major repairs.

Nobody knows your vehicle as well as you. If you feel something that is out of the ordinary, get it checked out immediately. If you have a local repair facility, they probably won’t even charge you to take a test drive and see if the condition is anything worth worrying about. Vibrations, shimmies, and erratic steering are among the abnormal feeling issues that must be addressed forthwith.

Strange smells usually mean small fluid leaks. If you address these small leaks before they get larger, and result in major component failure, your nose will seem pretty smart. “Listen” to your nose and get those abnormal smells checked out at your earliest possible convenience.

Your ears are two of you most valuable tools for maintaining your vehicle. I love a good sound system (with lots of bass) as good as the next guy, but turn it down once in a while and listen to your vehicle. Whining noises, roaring noises, and squealing noises are among the items that you may hear when something is about to go tragically wrong. Listen for those little irregular noises and have them “looked at” expeditiously, before they become big noises.

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