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Used Car Warranties That Can Give Your Car a Necessary Cover!

Buy-Used-CarMany people dream of having their own automobile. But, owing to the sky-scraping cost of brand new cars, a lot of individuals generally prefer to buy a used car from one of the numerous used vehicle dealerships existing in the market today. However, the trouble with used automobiles is that you exactly don’t know how was its performance when it used to be a possession of the former owner. There are several people who take proper care of their cars, whereas there are also other types of individuals who frequently abuse their vehicle to the point that it breaks down easily.

Cars are a moderately significant and vital purchasing decision, even when you get a remarkable bargain on a second-hand car. Having a warranty cover on your used car is a fundamental component of the buying decision for several, and there is generally confusion among the people about the kinds of used car warranties which can be useful.

Kinds of warranties on used cars that people can buy:

Extended Warranties:
Just like you can have warranties for computers, televisions and many other products, you can also buy extended auto warranties for your used automobiles. These might be provided by the dealers themselves or the third party who present car warranty only to certain kinds of vehicles. You must be aware of certain subjects of concern with extended warranties:

1) Prices of the car warranties will fluctuate between different suppliers; generally, there is no fixed charge per kilometer or per month.

2) Ensure that you verify every statement about the extended car warranty in written; you must obtain a Product Disclosure Statement or a similar document giving complete information.

3) Several finance companies actually want you to buy an extended service contract as a pre- prerequisite of financing your automobile. It is generally in the interests of used car purchasers to seek finance excluding preconditions.

4) There may be restrictions and exclusions concerning what will be fixed.

5) There might be claim restrictions or excess charges.

New Car Statutory or Legal Warranties:
New Car Statutory warranties cover any problems or defects with the vehicle within the first 20,000km or the first 12 months, whichever takes place first.

a) Used automobile statutory warranties: These car warranties are applicable only to a few types of used cars. They are authentic for 3 months or 5000km from the date when it was purchased.

b) Used car trader warranty: A number of used car dealers offer a longer-than-statutory auto warranty, which would be executed by the dealer, not by the car manufacturer.

These warranties are applicable to used cars that satisfy these conditions:

  • Sold by a certified city car seller
  • Traveled less than 100,000 miles
  • Less than 10 years used
  • With a purchase cost not beyond the modern luxury automobile tax threshold.

You must buy a car warranty from a firm with good status and has certified channels at several places. Purchase a licensed used auto warranty and forget about all your worries.

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  1. Susan August 15, 2015 at 8:23 am - Reply

    It’s good to have these in mind as I’m currently checking second hand cars. Thanks.

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