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Weekly Vehicle Inspection

Windshield WipersIf vehicle longevity and driving safety are high priorities on your “life list”, then you may want to consider creating and utilizing a weekly vehicle inspection check list. Each individual vehicle and vehicle owner may add their own specific items to the list, depending upon vehicle history and geographic location, but here are a few to get you started.

Exterior Lighting and Horns
The easiest method for checking exterior lighting is to turn on the headlights and the hazard flashers. Now, walk around the car and note any lights that fail to illuminate as expected. Replace bulbs as required and repeat the process. Next, check and make sure that both horns are being activated when the horn button is depressed.

Windshield Wipers/Washers
Check the level of the windshield washer fluid and fill it as necessary. Sit in the driver seat and depress the windshield washer button. Observe the wiper blades as they swipe the washer fluid away. Replace wiper blades that are torn or have chunks missing. Replace wiper blades that are cracked or excessively dried out.

Check and top off all vehicle fluids. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications for checking fluid levels, for fluid replacement types and capacities. By performing this check on a weekly basis you can avoid many costly repair bills.

There are several points of tire maintenance that need to be addressed. First, the maximum tire inflation pressure is stamped on the sidewall of the tire. Tires should be inflated to near the specified amount, depending upon how much weight is carried in the vehicle. Also check for cracks and gouges in the tire sidewall at this time. Look for objects protruding from the tread and check the condition of the tread. Finally, check the DOT production date of each tire. It is also located on the sidewall. Tires that are over 7 years old should be carefully inspected for signs of dry rot, belt separation, and cracking.

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